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Reme Halo

The REME HALO® stands out from traditional UV lamps due to its unique design and active air quality enhancement capabilities. Unlike many passive or ineffective air purification systems, it utilizes UV light along with other advanced technologies. A key feature of REME HALO® is its ability to generate low levels of hydrogen peroxide, which circulates through air-conditioning systems and indoor spaces, effectively reducing bacteria, viruses, odors, and mold spores both in the air and on surfaces. This makes REME HALO® a significant choice for improving indoor air quality.

Reme Halo Features:

  • It is one of the least expensive components of an air conditioning system, yet it can have one of the biggest impacts on your air quality.
  • Active technology reduces viruses, bacteria, mold spores and odors right at the source to give you the freshest air possible.
  • Can be installed in almost all central air conditioning systems in homes or small offices.
  • Reduces odors from mold, pets, and old home smells.
  • Silent, continuous operation so you will only notice how fresh your home is.

iWave-R Air Ionization System

The iWave-R is a self-cleaning, maintenance-free bi-polar ionization generator for residential duct A/C systems. It effectively treats air by reducing certain bacteria, viruses, smoke, static electricity, odors, and other particles. Suitable for any residential duct A/C system up to 6 tons, it’s easy to install with universal mounting options. The iWave-R generates over 160 million ions/cc per polarity, has a programmable cleaning cycle, and meets UL 867 ozone requirements. Its placement varies based on whether the focus is on treating the coil or the occupied space.

iWave-R Air Ionization System Features

  • Patented self-cleaning design ensures ongoing peak performance
  • Needlepoint ionization actively treats air in the living space
  • For duct systems up to 6 tons (2400 CFM)
  • Easily installs in minutes in the A/C system
  • Multi-Voltage input – 24VAC to 240VAC
  • Validated to meet UL 867 ozone requirements
  • Universal mounting with magnets
  • OEM Approved

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